To start, we want to be VERY CLEAR that we are NOT AGAINST VACCINES. We are for SAFER USE of vaccines.

We hear so much about the good in vaccines from our doctors, friends and other parents. There is good in vaccines, but there is also another side. We want to share the side that Scott and I saw; the side that caused Ian’s death. Knowing both sides of the story may help you make better, more informed decisions.

Consider this: Hepatitis B is not airborne. It is contracted through sex, use of drug needles and blood transfusions. Unless you or your baby is involved in any of these, vaccination is not necessary for your child.

Further, the hepatitis B vaccine is made of baker’s yeast. It is the only man made vaccine. The rest are made from the disease itself. Across the board, parenting books tell us yeast is one of the things to avoid for youngsters because of its high allergic reaction rate in children. Thus, the vaccine they give your child contains a known allergen. Children who are allergic to yeast may have a reaction. How do you know if your newborn is allergic to yeast? You don’t. It’s a gamble. You decide: Does the benefit outweigh the risk?

Why has it been decided that we blanket vaccinate newborns for hepatitis B? The poorer population, which tends to have the virus, was not bringing their children in for follow-up vaccination. So they decided to hit the entire population. In other words, for a few they target all. That hardly seems necessary to me.

We understand we risk offending people. We do not judge you for the vaccine decisions you make for your child. We vaccinated Ian and in the future we will make the best decision for Vance and Everett based on our research and our children’s medical history.

What we will not do is vaccinate Vance and Everett on a schedule determined by others, the whole time crossing our fingers hoping he lives. Ian drives me each day to educate both myself and other parents, because we are not always hearing the truth. The government is corrupt in may ways, and it seems vaccine policies did not escape that corruption.

Know this: Adverse reactions are not as rare as we are led to believe. The CDC gets their statistics from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). While required by law, it is widely accepted that doctors seldom report adverse reactions. As most doctors will not even consider the vaccine as a cause, they do not report them as such. It is notable that Ian’s neonatologist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin did report Ian’s death to VAERS, however.

Many healthcare professionals dismissively assert that it is only a small statistical percent of the population that suffer from adverse reactions to vaccinations. If it is YOUR CHILD, though, the statistical reaction to that vaccination is 100%!

We have seen an explosion in vaccine administration, from 12 in our generation to 38 given today. While we stress that Scott and I are not against vaccines, we are certain every parent should know the risks and benefits of each, and only then make decisions. Educate yourself.